Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why I Never Throw Anything Out

I had to transcribe this: a note given to me in eighth grade.  I just found it in the bottom of a box. This is why I save everything. 

Tasha, Tasha, I want you to know
that the feelings that I show
are not always true
like the times when I'm kind of mean to you

Don't think that I hate you, I'm never mad
and I'd NEVER make you sad
because you're great, not bad

There is no one I place above
it's only you that I love
you're one person I could never hate
on a 1-10 scale, 10 is what you rate
if boys were fish you'd be the bait
every guy wants to be your date
don't ever change because you're GREAT

You, I never intend to hate or mock
I don't mean to come to the door and knock, knock
I'm glad you said you don't hate me because
the love that I have for you is a lock
that could: never be broken!

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